Factors You Should Consider While Using C-Bet in Poker

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Every poker player is aware of the C-Bet or continuation bet term in poker. If you are not familiar with the term, but you have experienced it from your opponent. 

A continuation bet is a strategy mostly use in games like Texas Holdem. It means a bet that is made on the flop when you already made a raise at pre-flop. Most of the time your opponent would not have made good on the flop either, so the c-bet can turn to be an effective strategy. There are some factors you need to consider when you play poker online if you want c-bet to be successful.


The position is the first thing you should consider before placing a c-bet. While playing poker, either you can be in the position or out of position. If you are in the right position, you get an edge over your opponents in terms of information and taking the right action accordingly. You have more information to act upon and take advantage of the situation. The information commingled with the difficulty faced by the rivals while bluffing can help to c-bet in position. 

Players You are Competing Against 

Players are divided into four categories- tight-aggressive, tight passive, loose aggressive, and loose-passive. Make a point to target your c-bets who are likely to fold. Place your c-bets cautiously. Players who are less likely to fold can give a tough fight and can put you in difficult spots with effective and well-time check-raises. So you have to evaluate the skill level to determine if they can overfold and tailor your c-bet strategies. 

Number of Players You are Competing Against 

The more players are in the pot; the more powerful hand you need to progress in the game. Depending upon the number of players you are competing against, you should place your c-bet. When you are placing it multiway, you need to be selective in the hands you choose. Place your c-bet only with hands that have substantial equity. 

Skills in Bluffing 

C-bet is effective when you learn to hide your identity as a bluffer. This means the bluffing tactics should be apparent to your opponents. Others should know you are bluffing and trying them to fold better hands. The experienced ones can place c-bets successfully and gaining a maximum advantage of the situations. If you are hesitant about placing the first c-bet, then you should start with the best possible hands. 

Continuation bet plays an important role in poker success. Players should put the time to understand the factors associated with it. Consider the above factors like player’s type, equity, bluffing skills etc., and enjoy a successful poker session. 


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