Different Ways to Read Poker Tells

In poker, it is important to master the art of poker tells. If you are skilled in reading poker tells it will not only help you to observe and read the behavior of your opponents but also drives you to control your behavior so that you don’t give out any clues while playing. Thus, poker tells is the manner in which a poker player reacts when he is playing the hand. They can be verbal like when chatting or non-verbal like the pause in decision making and are made without any intentions, and sometimes out of purpose. So, when playing poker online free, many players hardly concentrate on the table. You should observe and analyze your opponent’s play on the table. Here are some rules that can help you in reading poker tell:

  • While playing poker if a player seems strong then he is possibly holding a weak hand and if a player seems weak, he is apparently holding a strong one. Watch them constantly who show off when making bets.
  • If a player sits upright or wears his sunglasses or abruptly ends the chat suddenly, he is presumably holding a good hand.
  • You will find some players on the poker table who will aggressively throw chips in your direction or keep calling raises in order to intimidate and force you to fold the hands. Such players usually have a weak hand.
  • Impatient players are probably holding a strong hand. They don’t mind folding a hand if it takes time for another game to start. You need to keep a watch on the players’ action while playing Texas Holdem poker.
  • If someone stays indifferent, and discloses that he is going to call, then the player is actually covering up a big hand.
  • A player sometimes reveals his hole cards sitting next to them. He behaves in a way to convince his opponent that he is holding a strong hand.  Remember if he had been holding a good hand, they try to hide it instead if showing it off. On the online platform, mucking amounts to the same thing.
  • If players are holding a winning hand, they stop doing what they were doing like drinking beer, chewing gum, eating food, chatting etc.
  • If a player aggressively bets the chips, it means he/she is bluffing. And, if a player bets the chips passively, he/she is holding a good hand.
  • A player who rubs their face or covers their mouth means they are dealt a weak hand and will fold the cards when their turn arrives.

Don’t forget to observe this tells and play the game accordingly.

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