Different Types of Poker Players

When you sit to play poker online games and look around, it can be intimidating. Some people even compare playing poker with going to a battle. It’s like players wear physical armor in the form of dark sunglasses, low-lying hats, mesmerizing clothes and headphones. There are also weapons to contended with which are the styles and techniques to play your opponents demonstrate. Understanding these weapons can help you to exploit others and can assist you to find your own style. Below are the well-known titles in the poker community for players that describes a style of play.

Fish/Calling Station

It is used negatively for someone who bets consistently and raises rarely no matter what’s the strength of his hand. Sometimes calling stations are regarded for their poor play by lucky cards that come on the board often encouraging unskilled players to overestimate the skill level.


The opposite of Calling station is Nit/Rock. A player who is unwilling to take risks and play premium hands only in the top range. The Nit is content to sit back and wait for ultra-premium hands and if necessary will blind himself into oblivion. He plays nothing but Queens, Kings, Aces and sometimes AKL. If you are raised by a Nit ever, then think they have something really good You can fold hands even if you have QQ. Nits are also referred to as Old White and Tight.

The Maniac

Maniacs are characterized as they will play almost every hand and raise or re-raise with any two cards.  They can be on tilt, drunk or just have a good time by creating a lot of action. You may think that it is easy to play against a maniac but they pose a serious threat as they are extremely aggressive and will test you by adding many swings to your bankroll. They can even put the table on tilt and create a profitable situation for the player who keeps calm and applies right strategies.


They are the craftiest players. They are good at every aspect and can adjust the game to all types of players. Sharks are difficult to sit with as you can never get a read on them. They have unlimited restraint when it comes to betting on a good hand to allow somebody to think they have the best hand. They know how to read and know how to look and bet like they have a bad hand or chasing.


A player with little intelligence  that is completely unwilling to learn on their own. The difference between a Noob or a newbie is often a newbie who has intelligence and enthusiasm but has no experience and are guilty of simply being naïve. On the other hand, a noob is someone with a woeful amount of mental acumen that is unwilling to try and learn something for themselves.

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