Different Level of Thinking of Indian Poker

It is considered imperative to outplay and mislead your opponents in the game of Indian poker. While playing this skill game, you always have to think one step ahead of your opponents. It is important to analyze the situations to play smart and win more at the poker table. For instance, if you can figure out what your opponent is holding, you can make the most profitable decisions on the poker table. All it needs is to analyze and think according to the following different levels:

Level 1: No Thinking

This level is basically for the players who are new to the game and have no knowledge of the rules of the game. In this, the players usually play drunk as they cannot think straight.

Level 2: What you have?

It consists of the players who have just started playing poker. They follow the rules what they studied in the book and are aware of the different hand ranks that apply to the game. So, they basically keep on thinking and analyzing how strong their hand is in order to win the pot. Level 2 players are very bad at bluffing because they make bluffs without taking into account what their opponent may be holding.

Level 3: What do they have?

Maximum players fall into this category. In this category, the players have some experience in the game but are not yet winning players. They are considered what their opponent will be holding, but don’t have enough knowledge and experience to play based on mathematics and strategies.

Level 4: What do they think you have?

Players that fall in Level 3 are the ones who win most of the games as they actively observe and analyze the moves of their opponents on the table. It helps the players to make use of optimum situations for bluffing and make accurate value bets. The main difference between the Level 3 and 4 players is that of a losing player and a winning player.

Level 5: What do they think you think they have?

The game gets too tricky in this level so it requires players to educate themselves with advance concepts of poker. The experts fall into this category as they have a proper hold on their thought process and can use it to their advantage. 

To be aware of the above levels of thinking develops your thought process and save you from playing badly against different types of players. 

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