Daily Habits that Can Ruin Your Poker Game

Keeping your productivity level high and staying efficient is tough. People are hustling to keep the modern lifestyle and manage day to day needs. Taking care of efficiency and productivity is a difficult task as there are many distractions. Here are some of the habits that are ruining your productivity while playing Indian poker and some practices you can employ in everyday routine:

Taking time in small task 

Many people are particular about things and how to get tasks done. Due to this habit, they put in more hours on a small task and miss other important tasks. Taking some time in evaluation is required to get thing done properly, but it doesn’t mean you should avoid other important tasks. 

Wasting too much time in planning 

It is good to start with a proper plan, but focusing only to create a perfect plan is sheer damage to your productivity. Often people spend hours to make the possible work plans and not lay much emphasis on the execution part. If you are relating to this point, then it’s time to stop. Timely implementation of the plan is also important. So instead of waiting hours in planning, start taking action for the things. 

Skipping meals regularly 

If you are consuming a balanced diet or skipping meals regularly to get a task done, you are disabling yourself to unleash true productivity power. Delaying or skipping meals to complete a project is not a good idea. It slows down the metabolism and results in weight gain. It forces the body to go into survival mode and results in unhealthy food cravings. Eat small meal portions throughout the day and have healthy snacking options around you like oats biscuits, yogurt. Focus on the snacks that are high in essential protein, vitamin and fiber. Try to plan your meals in advance. 

Poor time management 

The most valuable asset is time. Poor time management can induce negativity in how you perceive and compete the tasks.  If you want to achieve success in your career, you should plan your day beforehand, prioritize your regular tasks, and work on your time management.

Figure out which is the most productive time of the day and align your tasks at that time. Some people prefer completing their important tasks in the morning, while some prefer evening time.

As we have discussed some of the common bad habits that affect your productivity, it’s time to rectify the same and bring a positive transformation in life. Figure out how you want to deal with each habit and to boost your productivity. 

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