Common Texas Holdem poker myths in India

Poker is one of the most misunderstood games in India. Some think that the poker game online is a game of luck. The players have developed misconceptions that are either based on superstition or misinformation. Here are common myths surrounding Texas Holdem poker.

Game of Luck

It is not true.  Poker is a game of extreme skill that a player has to develop with experience. A player has to learn the game and develop the art of minimizing losses and maximize the wins in poker. Yes, luck factor is also there but you cannot win consistently with luck.  Your winnings in the game depend on the overall skills and strategies you utilize to get an upper had at the table.

Need to Be a Math Genius

This is again a misconception that many people have. As a poker player, you don’t need to master math, you only need basic math to calculate the odds of hitting a straight, full house, flush or three of a kind and decide ultimately whether to bet or fold your hand.

Bluffing is Not Required

Bluffing is an important strategy for the poker players.  Every player can win with great Texas Holdem poker hands but winning with an average hand is what makes you a genius player. Bluffing is an art that most of the players don’t know about.  The situation and timing of a bluff are what makes the real difference.  In order to improve at bluffing, then consult the veteran players and learn to master the art of bluffing in poker.

Playing Poker is Against the law

Many players assume, playing online poker is not illegal. It is safe and secure to play poker for real money in India.  There are legitimate poker websites like Poker Dangal where playing poker is safe and legal as well. These websites offer some amazing cash games and tournaments and provide the Indian players opportunities to play legally and win the real money in online poker.

You Can’t Win Consistently in Poker

Another common myth is that there is no way to win the game consistently. Any player with good experience knows that this is not true as one always wins poker thorough a proper strategy. It means that if you apply a proper strategy, your winning chances are higher than falling to use properly planned strategies to win in the online poker.

Texas Holdem is the Game For Young

Texas Holdem poker needs energy, stamina and probably this is the reason why some consider it the game for young and energetic people. It is no longer the case, as the game has evolved in recent years and is attracting young and old people as well. The Seniors Event at the World Series of Poker indicates that the older men are good at poker and can play for hours. There are many aged players who take part in WPT, APT, WSOP, DPT and other events. It shows the game is not limited only to young people, rather it is for everyone.

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