Changing Face of Poker Online Games During the COVID-19 Crisis

poker online games

At present people of earth is experiencing unprecedented changes in their usual way of life due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. As a socially transmitted disease, COVID has forced people to stay away from their social lives and practices. Hence, people all over the world are forced to find ways of living and entertaining themselves safely. It is hardly a leap that poker online games will be trendy and useful at this moment.

A convenient solution to lockdown boredom 

Countries are enforcing lockdown measures in their struggle to keep citizens safe and contain the spread of the virus. Hence, people are stuck at home most of the time and need to find suitable ways of keeping themselves entertained for an extended period. This has been an ongoing struggle with people and has resulted in a significant spike in online activity, especially in online games. According to Google trends, since India has implemented lockdown, the search term “online poker” and its variations have experienced a considerable surge.

The change being experienced 

It is clear proof that Indians are being drawn to poker games and its online versions. More people are joining the fray every day and discovering an exciting world of poker games. Both amateurs and pros are part of this surge, primarily due to the cancellation of live events. Players who usually preferred live poker games are getting involved in online poker rooms for entertainment, practice and income. People who love poker are joining online communities to take their mind off the various issues of everyday life.

Keeping an eye on the changes 

Along with more people joining online poker games, the frequency with which they are joining this activity is growing fast too. Various platforms which have been catering to the players interested in online games are now making the most of this newfound popularity. They are offering cheaper and more frequent tournaments, more options for players of different skills and such. Their various strategies of attracting more players are influencing new players in joining various poker tables available online.

Some permanence can be anticipated  

All these changes and developments may seem temporary due to the outbreak of this pandemic, but the face of online poker is changing. Even if everything goes back to its pre-pandemic state within the next few weeks, the influence will linger for a long time, resulting in some permanent changes. For the foreseeable future, social distancing will be the norm which will force several poker championships to move to online settings. This way, players can play and compete from the comfort of their homes, without worrying about contracting the disease.

Pros of online poker playing 

A large section of the players will switch from live poker tournaments to the online version due to the several advantages of the decision, including:

  • No requirement to travel to a casino
  • Unlimited access to various pokers games and tournaments
  • Fewer distractions present in the environment
  • The safety and comfort of playing from one’s home
  • Freedom to choose convenient timing

The future awaits 

From the present trend, it can be surmised that online poker games are going to remain trending for a long time, notwithstanding the COVID situation. The transition can already be seen, and maybe some practices will return to its previous state once the pandemic is over, but some changes will remain relevant.

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