Basic Poker Tips For Every Beginner Out There

How to play poker

Poker is an interesting game if you know how to play it well. For beginners, learning the basic rules of poker usually does not take much time. However, it takes time and effort to master the game and make money through poker.

At Poker Dangal, we will help you learn how to play poker through these simple tips that you will find useful.

Important Poker tips for beginners

Learn when to play aggressively

Betting is the only way to win at poker. It is a game of focused aggression, and when you learn the basics of the game, you will know when you need to play aggressively and when not. On solid hands, you want to play more aggressively than you think it is needed.

If you bet or raise in poker rarely, you will be pushed around by your stronger competitors. If you do not bet big, your opponent will know you have a good hand, and everyone will fold too quickly. Remember, aggressive play creates big pots.

Be patient while playing

Playing aggressively in poker does not mean throwing away your money on bad hands. One of the basic rules is to fold more hands than you play. Here are a few tips to up your patience while playing:

  • If you do not hold a good hand, the best move is to fold immediately
  • Take time to watch out your opponents and study how they play
  • Wait until you feel the odds are in your favor and then start playing aggressively
  • Focus closely on every player’s hands; when you have a good hand

Observe other players thoroughly

There is this saying, “Play the player, not cards.” It means that the game of poker is based on the right situation. Whether you have a good hand or not depends on what other players are holding. For example, K-K is an excellent hand; however, if your opponent holds A-A, then you no longer have a strong hand.

Now the question is – how to know what the other player holds? Well, by observing them minutely. Learn how they play their hands by carefully noticing their moves. In poker, it is important to learn how to read your opponents.

Develop skills

You always learn something from your wins and losses. Mastering the game does not necessarily mean you learn the rules only at the table. There are a lot of blogs, articles, books available that can help you learn and develop skills that are required in poker.

However, playing poker online is a great way to develop poker skills and expertise. Make sure you play at the right table.

Position is power

In online poker, the dealer button dictates the position by moving clockwise around the Poker table. Thus, positions get changed. A player is considered “in position” when he or she is either on the button or very close to it. This player gets to see how many players act before they have to act.


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