Are You Ready to Play 100 Max Tournament Series in India?

PokerDangal has always pushed the envelope of Poker Tournaments in India.  With Dangal Value Series, Dangal Diwali series, Freerolls with real cashable winnings we have been at the forefront of providing more value to our players.

Continuing in the same intent, we are very happy to announce the first 100 Max tournament series in India. The tournament in the series is capped at 100 unique users and there will be no chance for a re-entry and 10% positions being paid. A total of INR 15L is up for grabs across 20 events from 17th Sep – 21st September. The tournaments are capped at 100 unique registrations and 10% of the fields being paid. 

The tournaments will have the same prize structure and money will be paid to top 10 participants. The first position will get 20% of the prize pool and the remaining 80% will be divided equally between 9 players. This in turn translates into ITM positions getting 8x-10x returns on their entries. The tournament kicks off with a 25k GTD event at a buy in of INR 275 and the ME for Day 1 is an 100k GTD at a buy in of 1100. The highlight of the series is the 300k GTD event at a buy in of 3300.

For a detailed day wise schedule please visit

Players have an option to get all the tournament tickets using the deposit code PLAYALL. They have to deposit Rs 35000 only. The day wise tickets can be availed using deposit codes for the individual dates as well. The 100 Max series is a platform where users can play poker online real money and make their bankrolls by competing with a limited field.  On top of these amazing tournaments, there is a tournament leader board worth INR 75k for the players to chase where top 5 players will get paid. For more details, please follow the official PokerDangal FB page.

Codes for 100 Max Series

Deposit Code Deposit Amount Benefits Withdraw Criteria (Dangal Points)
DAY1 10,000 Tickets to Day 1 5%
DAY2 13000 Tickets to Day 2 5%
DAY3 15000 Tickets to Day 3 5%
DAY4 18000 Tickets to Day 4 5%
DAY5 15000 Tickets to Day 5 5%
PLAYALL 35000 Tickets to all 20 tournaments across 5 days 10%

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