All About the Poker Fish You Need to Know

If you are serious about poker online games, you will find out how many players there can be who easily disappoint you. Though there are some online gamers who specialize in different poker games like Texas Holdem, 7Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo or 5 cards draw, still you will find that more than half of the crowd in the online poker rooms are just inexperienced and basically ignorant. These players are referred to as “poker fish” or donkeys as well.  But the former is more commonly used. However, you can follow some poker tips to be able to deal with this problem.

A fish is a sucker at the table. It’s a derogatory term for someone who is not very good at poker. There is no definition of a “fish” in the poker dictionary.  It is widely accepted in poker circles that the fish at the table is the player who is playing very poorly. 

They play way too many hands and maybe they only call bets and never raise. These players stay in the hand until the end and hope to make a pair when there are 8 other players in the hand, and several straight, flush, and full house possibilities showing on the board. They check in the last position when they have the nuts.

You can follow the poker strategies so you can beat the fish. Pay attention to details, like in case of hand selection. If you go through any author’s starting hand guide, you will know that you should always play from the early, middle and the late position. Of course, there are exceptions, but this rule will actually keep you safe when you are trying to beat the fish. For Suited Connectors, you can keep an eye on the pot if you are in a late position. 

If your opponents are the members of the ‘fish’ club and are constantly playing trash cards, you might be tempted to do the same in order to beat them at their own game. However, you need to be careful here since the fish will try to raise the pot pre-flop to intimidate other players. This will cost you from seeing the flop and you will hit nothing by playing trash cards. These are some of the poker tips that you can follow to beat the fish in the online poker rooms. Once you follow the rules strictly, you can easily come out as the winner no matter what.

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