A Questionnaire about Poker for Pokerists

Where Was Poker Invented?

It is believed that the first card games were played in 1377. We can call “teen Patti” or Persian games “As Nas” or the French game “Poque” to be the predecessor of Poker games. Poker was developed some time during the early 19th Century in the United States. The game has grown since then and gradually developed to become one of the popular online or live game in the modern days, almost Worldwide. Poker was predominantly believed to be a family card game that includes skill, strategy and variants thus making it a favourite among masses.

After conducting a research on the same, we noticed the similarity of Poker with Indian game “teen Patti” or English game “brag”. As stated earlier the game was invented in the U.S but we must mention this was a game invented in surprise – Texas Hold’em Poker. This game was invented since the game of Texas Ranchers could not accommodate too many of the players.  if you want to get more information please click the link below:

Which royal flush wins if there is more than one in a hand?

In 5 card Texas Hold’em poker game it is not possible to have two players with the highest number of cards or a Royal Flush. There are only two hands that are impossible for two players to get at the same time. The two hands could be Royal Flush and Full House. In case, while you are playing you should know the poker game rules there are more than a royal flush in a hand the pot amount will be divided among players.

How many people do you need to play poker?

Poker is a game of strategy and needs to be played with a cool brain and a strong poker face. The number of players can vary from two to ten depending on the game structure designed by the host which can be either the online poker portal or live game organizer. Less number like 2-4 would mean more action at the table, players will play more hands and at a much quicker pace. A lot of attention is required since the turns move fast. Players get less/ no time to socialize or observe the game of others at the table. With around 2-3 more players added to the group, competition increases and so does the strategies of the players. There is a lot to learn with these many players on board. The game remains interesting here along with some time for social interaction. In the event with 8 or more players, time is taken to finish one round increases and further slowing down the whole process. Even though the total pot money and the scope are much higher here, to be hanging in there requires a lot of patience. In that case, a player can even opt to play multiple tables if playing online.

What are the poker chips value in order?

The value of the Poker Chips when you are playing Texas Hold’em Poker Hands could be determined as – White – 1 Unit, Red chips – 5 units, Blue Chips – 10 units, Green – 25 units, black chip – 100 units, purple chip – 500 units and orange chip – 1000 units. The Units are also calculated in terms of dollars as well like – 1 unit = $1, 50 units = $50 and so on. Poker Chips could be either bought as a set or individual but you must ensure that you have enough chips for all the players at your poker table.

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