A Beginner Guide to Play and Win Texas Holdem Poker

Texas holdem poker

Are you new to Texas Holdem poker? Find out how to play one of the most complicated yet popular poker games by reading this guide. It has details of everything about the game. Once you read this, I am sure you will not have any further queries about Texas Holdem further. 

Basics of Texas Holdem Poker Game

In this popular poker game, there are 4 ‘rounds’ of bets where players can bet, bluff or move out of the game depending on the strength of hands players have. As a player crosses each level, they have to deal with more community cards which help them to have a better idea about their stronger hands and probability of their opponents to have better cards in hands. 

Round 1 in Texas Holdem- Pre-Flop Phase

The first round in Texas poker Holdem is also called a Pre-Flop phase. In this round, each player has to deal with 2 cards, known as hole cards. During the first round, the small and big blinds are played. Later, players get a chance to match the big blind to play the round or raise the card if they have stronger hands or create an impression on others have they have strong hands. 

Round 2, 3 and 4 are mainly dealt with community cards. Community cards are public cards that are placed face-up on the table. In total, 5 cards are dealt and players can choose any 3 of them to combine with 2 hole cards to make the best possible hand on the poker table. 

Round 2 in Texas Holdem- Flop Phase

The flop is the first set of 3 cards and during this phase, the players get an idea about the strength of potential hands they have. Here in this stage, a player can check or bet depending upon the gaming strategy. 

Round 3 in Texas Holdem – The Turn 

This round is called the Turn and here the fourth community card is played, known as the turn card. This turn card is to be dealt and after it arrives on the poker table, the player can choose to check or bet to see the next hand as the strategy followed. 

Round 4 in Texas Holdem- The River

The 4th round is called the River and here the final community card is being used. Here, the final round of betting takes place. Players now choose to bet or check cards again. In this stage, players get the last opportunity to bluff out opponents before the game ends. 

To Important Ways to Win Texas Holdem Poker

Having best hands in Texas Holdem is not the only way to win the game; this is where Texas Holdem is different from the rest. In Texas Holdem poker, there are two ways to win a hand. 

  1. Showdown– betting or checking until all community cards are dealt. After this, the hands are compared to find out the winner. This is done depending upon the hand rankings.
  2. Out-Betting Your Opponents– If you place a bet or raise an amount that makes other players fold cards, you will win the hand no matter how many cards you have. 

Mainly, there are two types of poker games available- tournaments or cash games. In cash games, players sit at the poker table and can leave the game whenever they want. Most of the players like to play cash games as they are fun and free from any commitment. Here, the players can play in their own pace and leave when he wants. Hopefully, this guide will help you to play Texas Holdem poker in future. 

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