8 Poker Etiquette You Should Follow

When it comes to playing online poker with real money, poker table etiquettes are important.  You will probably find that there are as many rules as in the game itself. Maybe these rules are not written down but you should pay attention to them to get yourself a bad name. Here is a set of poker etiquette you should be aware of.

Don’t hit and run

You can leave the game whenever you want in a cash game. But in practice, if you do something like that after winning a big pot with a lucky hand, then the other players will complain that it is hit and run. So at least wait for an orbit.

Don’t hold the game

Think before calling a big bet. But if you take ages to make a small decision, it can be really frustrating for other players. In poker, time is money. Even worse, if you are busy with your phone or laptop and have to promoted by the dealer every time that it’s your time to bet.

Don’t splash the pot

When you bet just keep the chips directly in front of you. If you throw in the middle so some splash the pot, it makes it difficult for the dealer to work how much you bet.

Act in turn

Wait for your turn to come before you fold.  Don’t hold the cards in a folding position.  As it helps the players to know that you are intended to fold and thus disadvantaging any player who has previously acted.

Don’t talk about a hand in multi-way pot

The house rules vary on this. Some apply this rule strictly and others may turn a blind eye. Be aware that you may be asked by the dealer to refrain from talking about a hand being played unless you are heading up. It’s wrong to do so when you are not in the hand.

Don’t slow roll

Slow rolling is when a player’s bet is called pretends at first to be caught in bluff and ultimately reveals to be a winning hand. In a home game, it may seem to be funny when teasing a friend, but in a casino game the whole table will just kick you out.

Don’t tap the glass

If a player suffers from the bad beat, often they will chastise the winner for their poor play in calling when behind.  In this case, just smile and do whatever to keep the fish happy as long as you can to lose the money back again. It is said that don’t tap on the glass because if you tap on the aquarium, it frightens away the fish.

Be graceful when losing or winning

If you lose the game, don’t slam the table or throw the cards at the dealer. Its bad manners as it tells other players you may be on tilt for next hands. When you win a big pot, it means another player has lost. It’s like partying at someone’s funeral.

There are lots of do’s and don’ts when it comes to professional poker. Thousands of people play with real money poker online and each of them has its reasons and intentions. Treat players the way you would want to be treated and everyone should come all right.

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