7 Unique Gifts for the Poker Players

Whether its Father’s day, Mother’s day or any other day, there is never a bad time to give a gift to the poker players. So keeping that in mind, we have come with a list of 7 poker themed gifts. Give these gifts to your buddies who love to play poker game online.

Doyle Brunson’s Super System

Doyle Brunson, the Godfather of Poker has been playing the game for over 50 years. The 10 time WSOP bracelet winner encompasses the definition of living legend and wrote the book on poker. Super system was published originally in 1979 and its now on 3rd edition and is widely considered to be the first poker strategy book. Many books have been written but a true player will always appreciate the gift of the original Super System.

Card Guards

Using a card guard is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your cards when they are lying on the table, protecting them from other players or the dealer throwing them into the fold pile that would kill your hand effectively. A personalized card guard makes a statement that you are a true poker player and can play any Texas Holdem poker hands at the table.

Custom Printed Playing Cards

Personalized gifts can bring a smile to anyone’s face including a poker player’s. Whether your poker playing friend or loved one owns their own business and wants to advertise or alternatively you want their mug adorning the backs of a deck, custom printed playing cards represent a great gift.

Custom Poker Chips

We all know that the quality of a home poker game can be greatly enhanced when using a great set of poker chips. You can submit any design you want and have it imprinted on the chips. You can obviously select how many chips you want in the set and which colors you’d like to include.

Poker Brat Clothing

Phil Hellmuth is known for his raves, rants and blowups and is quite adored by the poker fans.  Still capitalizing on his ‘Poker Brat’ persona. He has a great line of clothing and other gear that would make any 13 time WSOP bracelet winner proud.  High quality and well-designed doesn’t describe Helmuth’s prowess at the poker tables but also reflects Poker brat apparel.

Playing Card Boxes

Another great gift that can be filed under U(unique). So why not step up the way your poker lover stores his cards with top-notch playing card boxes? The home game host has the type of playing cards they prefer, but how many invest in protecting the cards with something finer than plain old cardboard? This is a kind of poker gift that won’t be forgotten soon.

Casino Chip Display

If you are looking to give the player that his buddies are less likely to have, a poker chip display is probably the way to go. We think it’s pretty cool to have a way of displaying it up on the wall somewhere rather than stored away in a shoebox.

The list pf poker accessories really go on and on. Many poker gifts have been made in the past, but select the one that would stand out in the crowd.

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