7 Lucky Mascots of Poker Players

Are you an ardent fan of poker gaming? You must be aware of the fact that poker is a game of skill and not a game of luck. Calculations are the only way that helps the players win a tourney. Yet then the players carry a few lucky mascots with them. It is said that few things never change and so is for the lucky charms that are carried in the live poker rooms. The other thing that the players carry along while playing the game is the poker bankroll. If you are willing to play live poker tournaments in India 2019, identify your own mascot and carry them along.

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Now, let’s take a look at a few mascots that the players carry, wear or keep along with them:

  1. Poker pros often carry along with them the photographs of their wives, husbands, children or any loved ones. This sounds strange but for many players looking into the eyes of their loved ones help them win the tourney or at least play their best.
  2. The poker world has always seen cuddle toys as one of the popular mascots that are carried inside the poker room. There quite a few players who love to cuddle their toys and make them sit alongside at the tables.
  3. Mini statues are some of the bizarre mascots that are placed at the table alongside the players. The individual poker players believe that this will ring them luck and poker chips both!
  4. Most of the live poker rooms do not allow the players to bring any other poker chips, but there are few venues that are an exception to this! They allow the players to carry the lucky chip along with them.
  5. Many players are seen wearing a piece of jewellery or place them as their lucky charm when they are playing poker. This can be a great observation for the co-players. Holding the piece of jewellery might mean that the player is holding a strong hand.
  6. There are poker players who love to carry along with them the poker trophies that they have already won. They might also carry along with the bracelets that they managed to win at the previous games.
  7. Toy Guns are carried by aggressive players who get angry easily and have a tendency to go out of control. This toy gun helps them overcome the frustration caused due to a bad beat or bad run of cards.

Most of them are also seen in the live room of Deltin poker tournament 2019. If you are willing to be a part of the Poker tournaments in India and witnessed the lucky charms that are not mentioned here, feel free to comment and let us know. Till then we wish all the poker players and lovers happy grinding and successful poker Nights!

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