6 Ways to Read Poker Tells and Make More Money

When you learn the art of reading poker tells, you can not only watch for the opponents’ habits and tricks but also your behavior. You can make sure that your body language isn’t revealing any secrets when you play poker online in India. A poker tells is a mannerism or physical action that a player makes during the game. It can be either verbal or nonverbal, made on purpose or unconsciously. This kind of habit or behavior gives you information about the opponents’ hands.

Many poker players pay almost no attention to other players’ actions at the table. It is not the right way to play poker online and win it. Mike Caro, a professional poker player said that you can make money from the opponents’ mistakes than from your own fancy play.  So to be successful in the game, you need to study and evaluate the opponents properly when you are at the table. You can’t capitalize on mistakes if you are not aware of which players are making them. Here are some guidelines for reading poker tells.

Pretend to have a strong or weak hand

When a player acts strong, he is probably weak. In the same way, if a player acts weak then he might have got a strong hand. So, you need to watch out for the players who overact during the betting process.

Physical indications

Heart rate and adrenalin are involuntary reactions. If you see that a player’s hand is shaking while playing the game, a rapid heartbeat in the throat or chest rapidly rising and falling then probably it means that they are excited about their big hand.

Change in mannerism

If a player sits straight, finishes their drink quickly, puts on their reading glasses or ends a conversation abruptly he might have a good playable hand.

Tries to intimidate their opponent  

If a player throws his chips belligerently in the direction of a particular player as a dare, then he is a weak player and just trying to intimidate the other player into folding the better hand.

Impatient players

Impatience is a sign of a good hand. If they intended to fold, probably they wouldn’t care if it took a few extra seconds for the action to come around.

Grabbing for their chips

There are 2 ways to interpret the action so you need to pay attention to it.  If a player is reaching for the chips in an aggressive way before you have been acted, then he is faking his strength. But if you see that a player setting up chips in a thoughtful passive manner before the action gets to him, then maybe he is thinking how much money he can make off of his good hand. This is where your ability at reading tells is put to test.

Reading poker tells maybe it is not the only thing you need to learn about the game, but it’s very interesting.  When you are at the table next time, notice how many pokers tell you can pick up from other players. Remember that there is always someone doing the same thing to you.

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