6 Ways To Control Your Emotions At The Poker Table

Emotional control is the most important part to play poker online with real money that many don’t talk about. It can make a difference in losing and winning money. Poker is a game of distress, joy, exhilaration and can take a serious toll if you not controlled mentally.  There are many examples where a player won a tournament after being down to almost no chips. When you are angry, the part of the brain that responds is the one dealing with dispositions. It quickly reacts without thinking much which can lead to grave damage.

You have Chips

In every tournament, a  player may suck out on several times but you don’t have to lose your mind as there are still some chips in the table.

Make Notes

A good trait you can add in your abilities is to prepare notes of steps you want to take and the goals you want to achieve throughout a poker tournament.  It will help you in the long run and keep you more assertive.

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Take a Break

It is better to leave a table for a few minutes if you lose a hand that makes you angry.  So you can take a break for at least 20 minutes to calm down and put everything in perspective. There is no point of tilting off money.

Finding Your Interest

You might have seen many players listening to music all the time. It is because music is something that keeps them collective, calm and cool.  You will have to find something that calms you down. It can be having your favourite sandwich or playing anything.

Watch Your Diet

It is important to keep the brain nourished when you play poker online to be spirited and comfortable. Tournaments take a lot of time and can be stomached for many hours so it is better to avoid heavy food or oily food that can make you drowsy. You can opt for grilled chicken or juices along with power bars and fruits.

Be a Good Opponent

Don’t blame your opponents for bad beats; you will indeed end up making fun of yourself. Shake hands and say it was a nice move. Avoid making enemies at the table as nothing good can come out of it.

Controlling your emotions can be difficult if it includes a lot of money. You should know that making bad decisions can be disastrous that being dealt a bad beat so these are the types of situations you can avoid by controlling anger.  It is a game and you cannot always win even with good cards.

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