6 Poker Tournament Tips to Improve Your Poker Game

With attractive prize pools, the opportunity to play against and professionals is no wonder poker tournaments in India have become popular over the past few years. The beginners are drawn to poker tournaments and the opportunity to win a piece of huge prize pools to a World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour Tournament.  This blog will cover important tips that will help you to improve the game.

Tip 1:

There is a huge difference between poker tournaments and cash games. You are given a particular amount of chips in tournaments and as soon as the chips are gone you are out of the tournament. However, cash games allow to re-buy as often as you want to.

Tip 2:

Fold hands if the blinds are low so you can work out who are dangerous or loose players at the table. The loose players who call with two cards will be knocked out early unless they are extremely lucky. It means you can work out the remaining players style of play and adapt your play to win pots.

Tip 3:

When making a bet always compare the odds offered by the pot to the odds of making your hand. Watch the pot odds that you are giving your opponent odds to call the hand and win the pot unless you know you have winning hand and you are trapping your opponent.

Tip 4:

Know what position you are in-early, middle or late and adapt the style of the game accordingly. Play tight if you are early position as there will be players left to act after you and won’t have any information. When you have more information in the late position and have seen how your opponents have played their hands you can take the opportunity to steal blinds with semi-strong hands and by bluffing.

Tip 5:

Change the gear or style of play. You need to vary your playing style as other players will work out your style of play. Play a style that’s opposite to natural one and this should win your bigger pots. Vary your game when you suspect others have worked your play or betting patterns. Good tournament players become more aggressive as the number of players in the tournament shrinks and gets close to the cutoff prize.  It is a good opportunity to steal blinds as most of them become tight to protect their chips and make the prize money.

Tip 6:

Take some time to make decisions especially if your tournament life is at stake. Calculate your pot odds and outs. You have to stay in the tournament to make the prize money and just one mistake can cost your chip stack, prize money or hours at the table with no reward so take time if needed. If other players become agitated that you are taking up too much time, ignore them. Your decision in the hand will determine whether you stay or leave the tournament.

These tips show that balance is the key to being a great tournament poker player. You need to look at the situation when you are playing poker tournaments in India 2019 to make an assessment and decide the best move based on the situation and information you have been given.

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