6 Poker Tips to Improve Your Bubble Game

Do you know why are poker tournaments so profitable for knowledgeable players? It is because you are getting a giant overlay always. On the bubble, they are folding too often and leaves a lot of money on the table. The player needs to put himself in such a position to scoop up as much as possible to win online poker real money. As this is one of the best opportunities you will have to accumulate chips. Here are top tips on how to do it.


Many players may know this already, but they aren’t using this trick. Never open limp. No matter where you are- under the gun or on the button. The odds are too good that you will win without a showdown.


Yes, A9 is ahead of your range when you push over a late position raise but that doesn’t mean you should call. There are many players on the bubble who know you are stealing but are afraid to push back. There are few of them who think that the correct strategy is to wait for the big hands and then punish your raise. If this happens all the time, you can loosen your calling range. But when the first time some player comes over the top, probably they have got a hand.  You can steal the chips back you are folding away in a single orbit whereas one or two thin calls can cripple your stealing ability. There is so much money to be had without going to a showdown on the bubble that you shouldn’t be eager to get there.

Target the Weak

The decision to open raise is determined by three factors- who is the blind, your position and your cards. Start identifying likely play to cashers before the bubble begins and continue to pay attention to who is not defending blinds and who seems to be making big laydowns.

Size Up the Competition

The play-to-cashers are not the competition. They are just giving up the online poker real money free and all you have to do is to take it. You still have to play the game with other play-to-winners who are trying to scoop up all the dead money. These types of players will be more willing to re-steal, steal, raise etc.  and you just need to adapt accordingly.

Protect Your Blinds

If you re-raise or call out of your blind few times, many aggressive players will just back off as there is much easier money to be found. The play-to-cashers will make weak attempts occasionally to steal for open limping or min-raising from the late position. Often they will back off even if they have strong hands when seemingly pot committed when faced with the prospect of bubbling out.

Make the Last Bet

If a player decides to see a flop with you that doesn’t mean he has a big hand. While players are stealing, re-stealing and defending, there are many players seeing flops without strong hands. They hope to get a cheap showdown or bully you of marginal holding.  If you play your draws aggressively, you will find most of the players are no more willing to go to the felt after than they were before. You need to structure the betting that looks like you are the one pushing all-in. It is because this is a lot difficult to call a push with a marginal hand.

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