6 Health Benefits of Playing Real Money Poker

While playing real money poker, players have to sit for long hours because of which they very easily become fatigued. Most of the poker players usually overlook physical health while straining under the mental pressure of the game. But did you know playing poker helps to improve one’s health in many ways that are not known to poker players? Following are the health benefits that live poker games offer and why you should continue playing live poker games:

  • Well Balanced Meals

While playing poker, the players tend to consume fast food and snacks that provides little nutrition to the body. However, poker players should consume such food items only at times, and should drink a mix of alcohol, coffee, and carbonated beverages in order to keep the opponents guessing whether you are bluffing regarding your real diet preferences.

  • Muscle Exercise

Poker as a skill game cannot replace treadmill as exercise machine, but it does helps in toning muscles. Did you know playing a poker game consumes three calories per minute which is two calories more than you consume while watching TV? It gives you a one-two punch by increasing your heart rate during adrenalin rush and using your brain, which is not less than a muscle exercise.

  • Improves Sleep

When playing poker games at poker tournaments in India, you may nod off during a game. This is beneficial for you because excessive use of brain tissue results in feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. So, play poker as your passion and sleep stress free.

  • Enhances Communications Skills

Use of unusual body language such as thumping of hand whenever a player is dealt high pocket cards leads to sitting of more players, at the table, as they know about his habit. Though the player is giving out poker clues but it somehow develops your communication skills because you can observe his body language and tell what’s going around in his mind.

  • Improves Coordination

While playing live poker tournaments in India, you can practice some poker chip tricks like chip twirl, chip shuffle, etc. in order to keep your joints firm and steady. This further helps in enhancing dexterity, and builds up strength to stay active in the tournament and night hours. However, you should never try the same tricks with rings and beer mugs.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure & Risk of Heart Attack

Did you know poker helps to balance estrogen and testosterone levels in your body? This further helps to balance your blood pressure and heart rate which proves good for your heart and mind.

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