5 Reasons Why Playing Shorthanded Poker is Fun

The popularity of shorthanded games online has affected the cardroom industry with demand from online players that made the spread of smaller tables. Earlier it was only feasible for online poker rooms, but because of the lack of floor space and paid live dealers now it is offered by a number of live cardrooms.

Shorthanded online poker real money game is a popular variation used in cash games, Sit and Go’s and tournaments. It is not only played online but also in live events including the World Series of Poker with heads-up, 6v and 4 handed events.

If you are a beginner, you might be thinking whether to play shorthanded poker or not. So, we bring some of the benefits of playing shorthanded poker. While the actual rule of the game is same in shorthanded poker, the dynamic and flow dictates a unique strategy of play.

Aggressive Strategies

Shorthanded games are for aggressive players. If you like to play a lot of hands, raise and re-raise, then shorthanded poker might be up your alley. These games are more aggressive because the value of hands goes up. It might not make any sense to play a hand like A8 or KT in a full ring game. But, in case of shorthand game they are the same as AJ and KQ.

Allow More Hands Per Hour

There are 3 fewer players compared to a full ring game so, you are dealt with more hands. You can play over 100 hands per hour. There are many benefits playing more hands. You can earn a higher hourly rate. There is more action so you will not get bored. More hands mean more experience.

Online Poker Bonuses

With more hands per hour it is possible that you can earn bonuses at a faster rate. It comes with a disclaimer. It depends on the site you are playing and they charge players for rake. If the poker site uses ‘dealt’ method, then players will get points every time they are dealt a hand. If the room uses contributed or weighted contributed method, the players will only receive points if they put cash in the pot. So, it depends on the site.

Take Advantage of Fish

Beginners or fish generally love to play 6-max games as they get to play more often. Many play more hands because of the more frequent blinds and just that hands go up in value. So they do. Fish don’t know how to play poker well. Isn’t shocking? They over adjust, play many hands and over value the hands they do make. There are profitable opportunities for more experienced players.

Learn Intermediate to Advanced Poker Strategies

As we all know that your experience can be the best teacher. The same is with poker. If you want to learn how to play aggressive online poker real money in India, read hands, bluff profitably and how to put opponents on ranges for different situations, then 6-max is max is for you. In this way, you can learn it fast.

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