5 Reasons Playing Poker Professionally is Difficult than You Think

Poker has become quite popular over the years. More and more people are trying to know how to play poker and want to play the game for several reasons. Many people play it just for fun and some make this as their career. It is fun yet tricky to play. There are many poker players who played professionally for many years and love that life. But this life is a lot more difficult than you think. Here are reasons why playing poker professionally is way difficult than you think.

All About Math

Many poker players think that they are sharks so they hunt for minnows in the game. It sounds really exciting right? But not quite. As a pro player you are not attacking the weak players constantly hand after hand. If you do so, you are guaranteed to go broke. So, you just have to wait for the right moment to strike. Poker is a game of patience and attrition. Some poker players think that the game is all about reading facial expressions, but it’s not. You need to know how to play poker card and it’s all about math.

Years of Study

Poker players forget that anybody can hit a lucky streak any time and win big. But behind that what we don’t see is endless years and months of practice over those numbers and honing your strategy. Remember, you are not playing against machines, they are humans who always get better.

Immune to Bad Luck

Poker teaches you to have emotional control, humility and the most important thing patience. Life is also a big game of chance that you can kind of sort of control. But often it is just dumb luck and that’s life how you react to luck. In life you have to deal with different hands now and then. When it does, you need to toss the cards and just wait for the next hand.

The Guilt

Bonding with your coworkers in your workplace can get you through a difficult day.  In poker, you don’t have any coworker as everyone is your enemy. This is not business where you will give the customer a TV for the money they paid. Poker is a zero-sum game. It means that every dollar you win was lost to you by another player. This is the reason why professional players are being compared to drug dealers as the best source of income is to degenerate gambler who is addicted to poker that he can even risk his entire savings. Though as a pro it isn’t your job to be addict’s conscience and cut him off.

Start Playing Good and You Lose Everything

It is a common fact among the poker pros. The only way to make some cash in the game is to check your ego and play at the limits you know you can beat. When you actually feel ready to move up, make sure you have a strong bankroll to withstand a substantial losing streak.

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