5 Poker Tips to Become a Winning Player

There is a steep learning curve in poker. A little information at the beginning will take a long way as you improve the new information you learn will not add as much to your game. If you are a novice player reading this blog this is the most useful and money saving information you will read. If you absorb all the tips, you may turn from a losing player into break even or winning player.  These online poker real money tips will not turn into an expert player in 10 minutes but they will set you on the right back to become a winning player.

Don’t Play too Many Hands

 A common mistake that every amateur player make is not being selective enough with starting hands.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that any hand can win. It is true that some hands are likely to win than others and help you win more money and others will help you in losing money.  So be selective   when you are choosing hands to play.

Don’t Bluff too Much

One more misconception about online poker real money in India is you need to bluff to win. You will get to see amazing bluffs on the WSOP shows but these are edited to show the highlights to the tournaments. It gives a wrong impression of the frequency that top players bluff. Buffing is not as essential as you think it is. If you are a novice, it’s better to play your cards well instead of trying to bluff your opponents out of hands.  It is good to try occasional bluffs but the real art of knowing when to bluff comes from practice and knowledge.

Think About Opponent’s Cards

 It is important in poker to think about the hand’s strength of your opponent and not just your own.  It is great to have a big hand but if you think your opponent has a better hand than you, prepare to fold. For example, straight is a decent hand but if there are four cards of the same suit and the other player pushes all in, do you think you have the best hand?

Think About Your Position

Table position is important factor in poker. The best positions to be in are when you are last to act for instance when you are on the button.  It means you gain knowledge about what kind of hand they may have before the action gets to you. Having a good position can turn a losing hand into a winning one easily.

Pay Attention

The best way to pick up tells is to watch others and how they play in each pot.  When you are not in the hand you should concentrate   to understand how they play. Hopefully you will see what moves the opponents make when they don’t have the best hand and what moves they make when they don’t have the best hand and what moves they make when they do have the best hand.  The more information you get from others the better opportunity you will have to beat them.

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