5 Poker Tips Every Newbie Should Know

It’s quite challenging to find the beginner poker tips that help you to win money. The information is so confusing that it can be frustrating when you are trying to learn the game. Most of the Hold’em tips focus on how to play poker and less on what can actually make you a winning player. Hopefully, these 5 poker tips will make learning strategy easier by avoiding the pitfalls that many newbies fall victim to.

Luck is Not the Factor

If you want to maximize your chance to become the best player, you need to check your belief in luck at the door. There is no room for superstition in poker. It leads to a life of frustration and tilt. The first big downswing can lead you to believe in some kind of cosmic conspiracy that the poker experts don’t like you.

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Mental Toughness is Important than Skill

What separates the experts from everyone has nothing to do with how well they play poker. The mental side of poker has been the downfall of most talented players to play. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you don’t have the right mindset your win rate will suffer. The common trait that successful poker players have is mental toughness. If you find your short term results affecting the quality of decisions, you have tilt issues.  The faster you solve the problems, the quicker you will get to where you want to be in poker.

Monster Hand Do Not Win Money

One of the keys to learning how to win the game is understanding that every player makes a lot of money if they pick up a monster hand. Big hands are difficult to play poorly. The idea is the facets of how reciprocality works. The difference between what you and your opponents do in poker situation is what effects the ultimate bottom line. In poker, the players make money over the long term when you play better than the opponents. As the monster hands are always on the radar even of the weakest players, every player focuses a lot of attention on playing these hands well.  Many of them overlook the less obvious spots for profit.

Physical Tells are Overrated

If you have watched poker on television or movies, you would believe that the only way to win is to learn some tell.  The physical mannerisms play into the decision-making process occasionally for a live player. It is a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to hand reading and adjusting to other players.  The truth is learning to time tells and betting patterns are more reliable tips to figure out what your opponents are doing.

Develop a Poker Process

Poker is not different than any other sport or game to make sure you are adhering to fundamentals and maximizing EV is to follow a routine. Either you can develop your own method or use some process like REM process. It stands for range, equity, maximize. This was explained in the Professional No-Limit Hold’em that is one of the best poker book ever.

Poker is difficult to play. There is so much misleading and downright information that makes becoming a winning player more difficult than before. These tips will help the beginners and intermediate players get a head start by learning how to play poker card that the top pros know.

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