5 Easy Ways to Manage Your Poker Bankroll

Once you have received the long-awaited poker bankroll from one of the poker tournaments in India, you may feel the need to start burning through it as fast as you can. This practice can lead to the end of your poker bankroll forever if you fall victim to mistakes like playing through hunger or exhaustion. Do you know that other thing that even the best poker players commit when playing it online? Here are 5 tips to consider when managing poker bankroll.

Play comfortably

Don’t forget that we also have certain necessities that should not be overlooked while playing online poker. If you are not playing comfortably, then your game will definitely suffer.  Eating well, sitting in a comfortable chair, taking breaks and avoiding distractions are just a few things to consider while you are building your bankroll.

Don’t play drunk

It may seem that you play a better game while you are hammered, but the fact is your game will suffer if you are distracted by the effects of much drinking alcohol. Having few beers when you are hitting the poker table is one thing but going through a few drinks while burning through the bankroll is another thing.

Play seriously

After you get your free bankroll, it is important for you to realize that every hand you play matters in the game. Although you may have cost you nothing to get the bankroll, you need to take every decision very seriously. Don’t play poker championship in India just because you are bore or when you are distracted. Make a point not to grind it in the tables when you are prone to mistakes or bad moves.

Play within your means

If you plan on building up the bankroll to something more substantial, you should remember to play within your bankroll at all times. A good rule of thumb on playing within your means is to have 5 per cent or less of your bankroll on the table at one time. If you are frugal, you need to drop the percentage to 3 or 1 per cent of your total bankroll. It may be tempting to build up your bankroll as quickly as possible, but this is where you always need to be patient.

Keep your eyes off the prize

The most exciting feeling you can experience after receiving your bankroll is that you can check the balance and see that it has increased a bit. It becomes quickly addictive as you want to see how much you have in your account. You must have just fallen into a cycle of chasing losses and micro-managing your account. It will soon become a roller coaster as you see balance up one day, only to fall again the next day. You must know that building your bankroll can be a long, slow grind followed by a sudden and quick loss. The more you spend on your game rather than in your account balance will most certainly ass up to big profits for the future.

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