4 Ways to Disguise Your Poker Strategy

When you are playing poker online games, you will be in situations where players are trying to read you constantly and what kind of cards you might have.  They will be looking at how you hold the cards m where your eyes look, what you say and facial expressions.  The more experienced players are at the table, the likely it is someone will figure out what strategy is by looking at you. Here are 5 ways to throw them off:

Wear Sunglasses

You will see this in the World Series of Poker a lot.  If you wear sunglass, the other players can’t see where you are looking. It cuts out the part of your face as well so it is difficult to read the facial expressions.  If you want to go for a better effect, then wear sunglasses with mirror lenses.  It may not be tolerated at few casinos as it is very distracting to look at the reflection of yourself during the game.  It is because the tactic works.

Wear Baggy Clothes or Hooded Sweatshirt

If you wear baggier clothing, then your body language is difficult to read.  The tighter your clothes are, the obvious it will be if the shoulders clench up or if the neck tightens during a hand. If you have short sleeves, it will be apparent if you are nervous and clutching the cards too hard as your biceps and forearm will be taut. Wearing a hood makes thigs easier. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If people think you are a paranoid freak at the table, it can throw them off and get them a bit off their game.

Look at the Wrong Card Intentionally

While you are staring down four cards on the turn, the players at the table are wondering which one you are looking at.  For example, you have two queens and there is one queen on the table. If you are focusing on the queen and there is a chance of someone picking up. If you look at the 7 cards very intently, it will make the players confused about what you are doing. The intuition will tell them you are holding another 7 on the river and it will cause them to play differently.

Meditate Before the Tournament

The more relaxed you are when playing poker online games for free or at a casino, the less likely you are to physically and emotionally react over your luck at the table.  If you meditate for twenty minutes at least before you play the game, it will help you make better decisions and keep from revealing what’s going inside your head. You will get more out of this practice if you can make meditation a daily practice instead of something you do right before the tournament.

In the end, your poker decision making strategy, your awareness of others and inner focus will be what wins most of the games. It will be always helpful to have smaller tactics and techniques to keep you at the winner’s table as much as possible.

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