4 ways to Deal with Novice Poker Players

Poker is a skill game where often a newbie is clueless about the poker strategy and playing styles. What’s the best approach when playing against these newbies in terms of your own profit and larger goals associated with keeping a good home game going? Here are some ideas about how to deal with novice players while you Play Poker Online.

Consider Long Run

With new and inexperienced home game poker players, you have two objectives. You want to win cash during the poker session and also want them to continue to be a part of the poker world. You obviously don’t want to make new players feel miserable about losing the game. These two objectives may seem odds with each other. Go ahead and win their cash but also be aware of how you are winning it.

The worst thing you can do is behave rudely, unhelpful, condescending, overly aggressive or impatient. It will make the players feel repelled or completely overmatched and vowing never to return in the game.

It’s better to be easy and warm as the new players can have difficulty acting quickly or understanding the less obvious rules of play. Try to be a welcoming and friendly player. The best poker face is a welcoming smile.

Be Easy and Helpful on the Rules

Often new players don’t know the rules of the game. They may not understand them and the importance of turn and protecting their hands. They may raise when actually they mean to bet. They may fold when they need to check. Don’t get angry about their mistake. Instead, be helpful and guide them. Humour goes a long way toward relaxing the new players and will also encourage them to experience a good time.

Expect them to be Afraid

New players are generally afraid. They are afraid of looking foolish and also lose their cash that leads us into some strategic considerations for how to play against these players. You can take advantage of their fear. Respect their first bets. New players tend to be cautious as they are afraid of losing so if they have the courage to bet big, beware. Often new players don’t trust their judgement regarding the strength of their hands and don’t have confidence in the ability to read that you are weak. Sometimes this combination will allow you to bully them, but be sincere when betting your weak hands. Remember the friendly players are the most respected one and not the aggressive and tough ones.

Don’t Squeeze Out Everything

There is no need to completely clean out a newbie when he is unfortunate to sit in the game for the first time. You should always be welcoming and invite him back to the game. It’s nothing like you will lose deliberately but when you sense that your opponent had enough and he is getting discouraged, you don’t need to be aggressive to win his last buck.

There will be a lot of chance to win cash from new home players while they are interested in Play poker online India. Be welcoming, helpful and warm so the new poker players enjoy the game even when they are losing. You may encourage them to return and you will enjoy the experience more yourself.

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