4 Poker Club Traps to Keep the Game Rolling

Poker clubs are a mysterious courtyard with some psychological trappings and you don’t know what you might encounter. Do you know that poker clubs are designed ideologically to keep the players endure for long hours of games? Poker clubs use undercover strategies on the player’s psyche to make them feel wanted, confident and relaxed. Here are the gimmicks used by poker clubs to keep the game rolling and not make the players miss the non-stop action of online poker real money India game.

No Windows

If you are a regular player or poker club-goer, then you must have observed that you can see windows only next to the entrance and exit doors. When you get inside the casino you will hardly see any of them.  The purpose of not having windows is that the poker clubs don’t want you to have a hint of what is going in the outside world. For example, if you see that everything is getting dark outside, then it’s time to move on. This thought of exiting from the poker club will take away from poker and poker clubs don’t want it.  So they will make sure that the outside world is non-existent for the players so that the mind doesn’t get distracted.

No Clocks

You will hardly find wall clocks in the poker clubs. Rather than encouraging the players to follow time and be dependable, the poker clubs push the poker players silently to be engaged in the game endlessly.  They basically follow an old saying i.e. when a player is engaged in an activity, time drifts but at a faster pace. Due to this because the dealers don’t wear a watch so don’t expect to get the time from them.  So the next time you will enter the poker club, just pretend you are on a vacation and spend time than planned playing the game.

Food and Drinks

Snacks and drinks are free in casinos and poker clubs and they also work really well. The waiters with a full tray of drinks and food keep the players gratified and cheerful. If a player feels contentment when they play poker online real money, it can leave even the smart players with slow brain activity and affect the decision making power. Lastly, the poker players tend to bet more chips when they are gratified physically.


Poker clubs cannot operate without any complimentary service. The players are generally offered coupons for free meals, loyalty cards to influence them to keep coming back. These perks make them feel important if they are low-stake players. If these players lose money, they feel as if they have gained something and drives them to visit the poker club again. The low rollers are important to poker clubs than high rollers as most of their business comes from small players. It doesn’t mean that there are no perks from VIP members and high rollers. The players are given a loyal treatment as the poker clubs don’t mind losing some money by giving away a free suite as their ultimate goal is to get the players back.

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