3 Ways to Deal with Aggressive Poker Players

Having an aggressive player as an opponent that too on your left is not fun. They have a natural built-in advantage over you that’s very difficult to overcome. You see that a player on your left playing highly aggressive. It seems like when you enter the pot he is re-raising or trying to bluff you. Though, there are several things from bluff re-raising to trapping him, this blog going to cover it like how to play poker and beat your opponents. Here are top 3 ways for dealing with aggressive poker player. 

Tighten Up 

The first thing you need to do is tighten up your game. It means you need to play fewer hands than you do normally and there’s not much you can do about it. When someone has direct position on you in poker, they have a huge advantage over you. They get to act every single hand and always get to watch what you do first after the flop as well. It is an obstacle very difficult to overcome unless there is a massive discrepancy in skill level between you and the opponent. So the only solution is to tighten up your range and play fewer hands. The aggressive player can’t even bluff you or re-raise if you are not in the pot. Another major advantage of playing tighter is when you decide to enter the pot you will have a stronger range.  It means you have a good chance of making a good hand like two pair, top pair, trips and so on. It will give you more option when fighting back against an aggressive player. 

Get Trappy 

Another way to deal with aggressive opponent is to trap them a little bit often. It means when you pick up a big hand, don’t always re-raise them. Try to call with a premium hand every once in a while.  It will give them a green light to bluff after the flop when you have the best hand. Then you can choose either to continue trapping them with check/call line or choose to spring the trap with check or raise.

Bluff Re-Raise

It is important to tighten up a bit when an aggressive player, this is also a great spot to throw in a few more bluff re-raises. It means that when you enter the pot with a raise with some kind of good but not amazing hand and the agro player raises you, you should put in a bluff re-raise from time to time. If you open up your 4 betting range, it will immediately let him know that you won’t pushed around.  It forces him to back down unless he happens to have a very strong hand. Use this strategy sparingly. When you put in the re-raise, your range should be for value most of the time like big premium hands i.e. AA, KK, QQ and AK. It will let your opponent know that you have the goods when you make this play. However, they will have no option and to back down with mediocre hand. 

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