3 Important Things to Do When Bored with Poker Tourney

Do you remember the first time you started playing Online Poker with real money? Every single time you sat back to play the game of poker there is a sense of anticipation and excitement that rules you. After each game, there would be hours that you calculated to get back to the table once again. Playing online poker games is always exciting. But, if you are playing the game for a while, you can get bored of the same.

Now if you spend some time to think and rewind a few years back there must be a question that lurks behind the mind – do you feel the same enthusiasm for the game now? Do the upcoming games that you want to play fills you with any excitement? Well, the answer is negative. These negatives make sure that you give a tinker’s damn about the next poker game! This clearly proves that you are bored with Poker Gaming and would rather find something else to spend your leisure!

Let’s take a look at some things that one can do to rekindle the desire to play the game again:

1.    Start playing any other Poker Variant:

Well, most of the poker players talking about getting bored with the game has mostly been playing Texas Hold’em. When asked if they have tried playing something else – the answer in most cases is a NO. The advice, therefore, would be – a poker player must think differently. They should play various other variants and engage themselves in learning the strategies of games like – Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo or get introduced to games such as Stud, 2-7 low ball and more.

2.    Start playing live games with a new crowd:

Online poker games offer the players a scope to play at their own ease and leisure! This might sometimes turn boring. Therefore, it is important to play live games. The basic difference lies over the fact that in online games you cannot keep a watch at the poker face and even after that keep reading the same for a poker hint. If you are even bored of playing live tourneys, the best way deal and erase all marks of the boredom is – finding a chance to participate in new poker games with strangers or a new crowd. Sometimes the problem lies not with the game that you are choosing but with the company you are keeping. Playing with the same company over and over again does not startle you anymore. You know their moves; poker face or their strategies. Therefore, find a new crowd and voila, the game is exciting again!

3.    Change the stakes that you play:

Another identified problem with that of the boredom associated with poker games is the stakes that you play frequently. For example – if you are playing at a level where the bankroll is lesser than that of the stake that you play. This throws you into much tension and keeps you stressed. Bring back the fun element in Poker. You can either take a break for a few days and come back with all the energy! The other option that’s open for you is to take part in the free-rolls.

For some time, you can move down to a level or 2 that relieves you from the stress will bring back the fun factor of the game again! Just “play for fun” at best free poker sites to win real money and start “switching games” to feel better.

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