3 Common Poker Tournament Myths Players Don’t Ignore

In the current days, all our life depends upon the opinions. You will see that many people share their life stories as truth or real incidents. This situation is also common in the case of poker games. While you are playing the real money poker, you will also get to know about various myths and truth that do not exist. Some players, who are not lucky in the poker game, blame these myths for not winning the jackpot.

But, it is not the case. Winning the poker game is not as easy as you think. It involves lots of practice, skills and strategies.

Here Are Three Common Poker Tournament Myths That Players Usually Follow

Use of Big Stack for Aggressive Play

Some players think that a big stack is very much crucial when you are playing seriously to beat your opponents. The person who is having the biggest stack will be the winner. But, people do not think that poker is a game of skills and techniques. It is not similar like playing the soccer game where one player sets the game plan that is executed on the field. In poker, the player who is sitting left has fewer chips. So, as the table captain, you either will strike the blind of the opponent party or will play your own game. Each poker hand that you are playing is an individual challenge and you should play it to prove your ability.

Playing To Win

This myth you might hear from the players who have dropkicked the stack in the mid-stages of the game during the live tournaments. Such players lose the chips in the hand that they realized they needed in the game to win. As, a professional online poker player, your main duty is to play the game fundamentally. For this, you should follow the poker rules and adjust the gameplay for beating your opponents.

Avoid Defending the Big Blind If You Have Fewer Blinds

In the real money online poker game, you will face some players who will make the game tough for you. They might push you to over defend from the big blind with the use of the short stack. For instance, you are at T-90 and you level your opponent’s open in the big blind portion. Then, in this case, you hit the pair on the flop, go with it and then double up.  These ‘know it all’ players will not judge you for the pre-flop play. It is quite okay to use the smaller open-raise size. When you are at the big blind facing the minimum raised open, you only require the 20% raw equity to continue the game. So, if you are having the small stack size, it is simple to play the hand post-flop and then realize the equity.

The players follow these three common poker tournaments while they play the game. However, the poker game has several planned risks and impromptu moves. If you want to win in the poker game, you should follow some poker playing tips and tactics to become a successful poker player.

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